What is Nadilytics

Nadilytics is the only Software as a service (SaaS), purposely built on top of Snowflake, to help you confidently use and effectively get the most out of your Data Cloud in a secure, cross-functional and collaborative way.

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Nadilytics In a Nutshell

Get actionable intelligence on your Snowflake Data Cloud: Assets, Usage, Cost, Performance, Security …

  • Offered as a fully managed SaaS
  • Accessible anytime from anywhere and on any device
  • Management of all your Snowflake accounts from a central location
  • Available for businesses of any size
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Enables collaboration among users and stakeholders within your organization at any level
  • Available in four different editions: Community (FREE), Standard and Enterprise
  • Snowflake optimization with fully automated Snowflake health check with recommendations
  • Fully automated Chargeback for all your Snowflake accounts
  • Over 110 alerts for active monitoring
  • Advanced AI based forecast of your Snowflake Consumption at a granular level
  • 300+ actionable insights for detailed analysis and for 360 degree view
  • Access to built-in collaboration tool for users to share and solve tactical issues effectively.
  • Built-in intelligence for Troubleshooting, Housekeeping, Billing Analysis, Auditing and more
  • Role-based access to insights for users with logical groups (Custom integration with Active Directory available)
  • Extends access to insights beyond Snowflake ACCOUNTADMIN role with flexible role-based access and custom logical groups
  • No installation of any required agent
  • No moving of your data to any outside repository
  • No deployment of any code into your Snowflake Cloud Data Platform
  • Extremely easy to use with many more features

See Nadilytics in action through a quick demo or let's talk!